a. DVD Ripping & Indexing
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VIDEO 1/2: Ripping DVD Footage with DVDFab (Free Version)

VIDEO 2/2: Making DGIndex Project Files

DVD Ripping & Indexing

(Note before reading: Information in this section is somewhat incomplete.)

Basically, you need a DVD drive connected to your computer; then install some Ripping Software (a computer program). Try to get the most up-to-date version so that you have a better chance at reading any DVDs you've got, even the newest ones with the latest encryption. There are a number of rippers you can use, but at the time of writing this guide, I suggest the free version of DVDFab. (you don't need to purchase the full version; the free version rips raw data only, without re-encoding, which is exactly what we want when making AMVs :P).

After you rip your DVDs, you should have .vob file(s).
But before you can use them, they need to be indexed; otherwise you will have slow seeking times, frame-inaccuracies, and all sorts of problems that you don't want to deal with. So, indexing the footage is kind-of like creating an index for a text-book: It makes all the frames easier for your computer to find =D

To index your footage, open your .vob file(s) with DGIndex (aka DGMPGDec, which should have been included in the AMVApp, as part of the Requirements section), and save your project to get a .d2v index file. (Just like in the above diagram and video above.)

(Eventually, I'll write more details about this process but for now you'll have to use the RELATED LINKS.)

  • DVD footage usually has "Interlacing" (horizontal lines) which we will remove before editing
  • DVD footage squeezes to become 4:3 (FullScreen) or stretches to become 16:9 (WideScreen)
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