Cleaning (part I)
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D. Cleaning (part I)

Here is a list of possible defects you may find in your footage:

At this point it might not be a bad idea to look over Tutorial 8 again:

VIDEO 1/1: Preparing Your Footage with AviSynth

[AMV Tutorial 8/10 - "Preparing Your Footage with AviSynth (Overview)"] - 6:03

This section is going to take a while for me to complete :/  But in some respects, cleaning is optional, so for now, just don't clean your footage.  But if you want, check out this post:

This Guide is a Work in Progress. For more information use the RELATED LINKS.

  • Generally it is better to underfilter than overfilter.
  • Only apply a filter if your footage actually has the defect the filter is designed for.
  • You generally apply cleaning filters at some point before your resizing command.
  • The Sequential Order of the filters is important...
  • Some filters can be very CPU intense
  • To make a line have No Effect, put a # Symbol in front of it and refresh/reload your script
  • There is always room for Experimentation with other filters...

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Pete said...

Heya, I got some problem footage from an old anime (90s). When there is action, it is fine, but when there is relatively still footage (character talking and nothing else), the screen bobs/shakes, just slightly, but it's noticeable. I've tried googling the solution but to no avail :/

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