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Video is just a sequence of images shown really really fast.

B. Framerate

Generally you always try to use the original framerate of the animation so your motion is just as smooth as the original: Most anime is 23.976fps (FILM).

Yet if you are using DVD footage, it will probably come up as 29.97fps (NTSC DVDs) or 25.00fps (PAL DVDs). Don't worry, this means you have duplicate frames (likely a result of removing interlacing), which we will simply remove. If you don't do this, the animation may appear jerky, particularly during panning/zooming scenes where the motion seems to stutter.

The Importance of using a Common Framerate

If it's possible, you should always try to use the same framerate for everything, otherwise you won't know exactly where you are making your cuts (since you can't realistically cut in-between a frame, your program must round to the nearest frame edge.) In some parts of your AMV, you may get the frames you want (and synchronization will be correct); but in other parts, you may not get the frames you want (and synchronization may be off). In some cases this only means a difference of 1 frame, which may or may not be a big deal depending on how accurate your synchronization needs to be; but it's still best to use a common framerate for everything if you can-- especially for AMVs where timing is critical.

Fixing/Adjusting fps (frames per second)

If you don't have 23.976fps, add the following line and hit F5 on your keyboard to refresh:

TDecimate()         # for 29.97fps ---> 23.976fps
TDecimate(cycle=25) # for 25.00fps ---> 23.976fps

In case you need another framerate, try doing the following after TDecimate():

# this will speed up or slow down your footage to meet the target framerate.
# keep in mind your footage will be faster or slower than the original
# for 23.976 --> 29.97fps that means 25% faster
# (which may or may not look strange in an AMV...)

Remove tdecimate() from your script so the duplicate frames are not removed.
# keep in mind your motion won't be as smooth when duplicates are present.

# this will selectively add/remove frames to meet the target framerate.
# keep in mind your motion won't be as smooth as the original.
# timing could be slightly off; and may or may not be noticeable.

This Guide is a Work in Progress. For more information use the RELATED LINKS.

  • Sometimes AMV contests will require a framerate of 29.97fps for DVD playback; which is not the fps of most anime... but you'll have to deal with it using one of the above methods... :|
  • Typically, try to adjust your fps before you start editing
  • In some programs, you cannot set the project settings to 23.976, so you may want to use 23.98fps instead.

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