(3) AviSynth FrameServing
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"...ooooyyyyiEEE!!! I need another Serving of Frames OVER HERE!!!!"

What is FrameServing about?

The main purpose of FrameServing is to import your footage into your editing program frame-accurately, in full-quality, without having to convert your files to lossless clips; which can save you time and disc-space. Unfortunately you DON'T get the speed increase of lossless footage, but sometimes that's not a big issue. Also beware of stability: Always test the method to see if it works for you. The last thing you want is to edit your whole AMV, and find out it's not rendering properly in the end. But if you test it, and it works, this might be a good option for you, regardless of the lack of speed compared to lossless editing :)

FrameServing with Pismo File Mount + AvS Virtual File System

1. From the AMVapp, install "pfmap-159-win.exe" then "AVFS_setup.exe"
2. Make a basic script for the file you want to frameserve;
3. It is preferred to use ffvideosource("yourfile.mkv") for indexed-frame-accuracy.
4. Add ConvertToRGB32() at the end of your script since most programs uses RGB natively.
5. Test your script in VirtualDub or AvsPmod to make sure it works properly.
6. Right-click your script > Quick Mount
7. A new folder will be created with your .avs script, an error .log, and your fake .avi
8. Drag-and-drop your fake .avi into your editing program and hopefully it should import =D

Note 1: The "fake .avi" will appear to take up several Gigabytes, but it actually does not.
Note 2: If ffvideosource() isn't working, try DSS2()
Note 3: Avoid using regular directshowsource() since it is NOT frame-accurate.

Direct FrameServing

Another option is to use a frameserving utility that simply allows your program to accept .avs files directly:

An example of this type of frameserving would be Pwolf's PremiereAVSPlugin.


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