Cleaning (part II)
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"Make it Shine!
I want to see your face in my AMV!!!"

Cleaning (Phase II)

Almost everything here has already been covered in Cleaning (Phase I). Generally, you get better results by doing your cleaning beforehand; because applying filters afterwards to your fades/overlays/effects doesn't always work too well. However, pre-production-cleaning takes much more time than post-production cleaning-- and sometimes you can get the same results just by filtering your amv afterwards anyway...

So, open up your AMV Master Copy with AvsPmod, and add any filters you think are necessary. Be aware that most editors output using a color scheme called "RGB Colorspace."  This won't be compatible with any filtering/encoding methods that require "YV12 Colorspace."  So before you can do anything to your footage, you may have to add the following command to a new line so your script looks like this:

AviSource("your amv")
#put any necessary filters here

Try to do this only if you don't have YV12 Colorspace.
But once you do that, you should be able to perform any
filtering and encoding tasks that require YV12 Colorspace.
Then just save your script.

Selective Filtering

You may find some scenes in your AMV require different types of filtering than other parts. For example, maybe frames 4189 to 4427 have some strong aliasing you want to remove, but if you applied an anti-aliasing filter to your whole amv, it would destroy detail in other parts. To apply your filter to just those frames, I have designed an AviSynth function called Range() where you can do some Selective Filtering. Feel free to experiment with it :)

  • Re-visit Cleaning (Part I) for problems to look out for
  • Generally, it is better to underfilter than overfilter
  • This step is just like Part I, except on your final AMV. (if it seems necessary)

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