Getting .wav Audio
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Waves make this possible.

What type of audio should I use?

VIDEO TUTORIAL 4/10: "Getting .wav Audio using Audacity" ~ [5:44]

Methods for getting .wav audio

The main goal of this section is to get your audio into Uncompressed .wav format.

Even if your editing program says it can handle other forms of audio, don't take the chance.  Out of the hundreds of different ways audio can be encoded, you don't really know if the file you have will work properly. This could lead to a number of problems like timing/un-sync, quality loss, and nasty system crashes.  So it is best to use something reliable like Uncompressed .wav

Options for Audio Sources:
  a.) Music Files [+] (.mp3 .m4a etc...)
  b.) CDs [+]
  c.) DVD's [+] (Audio Stream)
  d.) Video Files [+] (Audio Stream)

  • Use the Original music to avoid quality loss
  • Your Audio doesn't necessarily have to be Music
  • Uncompressed .wav audio is typically the most Reliable.

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