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"...ummm, Sir...? ...am I doing it right?"

VIDEO 1/3: Installations

[AMV Tutorial 6/10 - "Installing AviSynth, AVSPluginPack, & AvsPmod"] - 4:40


I. Download AMVapp
a. UnZip contents (1)(2)(3)
b. Install the following (4):
- avisynth
- avspluginspack
- avspmod
c. Download & Install CCCP
(1) It might be useful to have File Extensions showing-- like "AMVapp31.zip" (Google how)
(2) Right-click > extract...
(3) At this point, you can delete the .zip if you want...
(4) If possible, right-click > run as admin...

What is AviSynth?

I like to think of AviSynth as a programing/scripting language you can use to manipulate your footage. Yes, this means you type commands, and stuff happens to your video (or audio) :P

Here's an example script you can write with AvsPmod: (or even plain old Notepad)

Translated to English, this basically means:
1. go get your .avi clip from that location on your computer
2. then cut off 8 pixels from the left; 0 from the top; 8 from the right and; 0 from the bottom
3. then Resize your clip to a Resolution of 704x396 pixels using a spline36 method

VIDEO 2/3: How do I use AviSynth?

[AMV Tutorial 7/10 - "Making Scripts with AvsPmod"] - 5:06


Or create scripts manually [+]


1. Drag-and-Drop your footage into AvsPmod (or make script manually as indicated)
2. Using the bar on the bottom, preview how your footage looks

-if directshowsource() is used, change it to ffvideosource() for better frame-accuracy
-Press & Release F5 on your keyboard to refresh the script

-if your footage doesn't show up, try changing the sourcecall to DSS2()
-if that still doesn't work, find out what codec your video uses and download/install it.

3. On a new line in the script box, type the command you want (see examples below)
4. Press & Release F5 on your keyboard to refresh the script
5. Use the bar on the bottom to preview how your footage looks using the new script
6. Go to File > Save Script as... > Pick a location > Save

(Remember where you saved the .avs file-- you'll need it for later...)

VIDEO 3/3: Preparing Your Footage with AviSynth

[AMV Tutorial 8/10 - "Preparing Your Footage with AviSynth (Overview)"] - 6:03

Examples: What can I do with AviSynth?

The number of things you can do to your footage is pretty much endless,
but here is one example of a full script with sort descriptions of what each line does:

MPEG2Source("C:\SOURCE\DVD_Index.d2v", cpu=0)  # declares and gets source footage
# removes interlacing
tdecimate() # removes duplicate frames (29.97fps-->23.976fps) ttempsmooth() # cleaning filter (noise removal) crop(8,0,-8,-0) # removes 8px black borders on left/right spline36resize(704,396) # resizes to a smaller 16:9 resolution lsfmod() # sharpening filter gradfunkmirror() # gradient restoration assumefps(23.98) # framerate change via speed adjustment # This is a Comment (anything after a '#' symbol is not read by AviSynth) # Notice how the sequential order of commands is important; # For example, you need to declare your source footage before doing anything to it.

NOTE: you may not need any of these functions so don't just blindly copy/paste it into your own script!

Well, hopefully that wasn't so bad. Because at this point, it's all about familiarizing yourself with AviSynth usage. The next few articles under Preparing & Cleaning shall deal with specific scenarios that you may or may not have to deal with in your own footage; like Interlacing, Frame rate Adjustments, Cropping/Resizing/Aspect Ratio, and Cleaning.

  • Each line in your script is like another step in a cooking recipe: "Do this. Then do this." (so the sequence is important)
  • Some functions, especially when chained in sequence, can be very CPU intense.
  • The effect of certain scripts can sometimes be very subtle at a quick glance.
  • Documentation for commands can usually be found by doing a quick Google Search
  • AviSynth is not Black Magic :P

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AMVGuide said...

Questions/Comments? Typos/Errors? Tips? Related Links?
Feel free to post a comment below. Your feedback is valuable.

Anonymous said...

hi, im a complete beginner at all this. i have followed all your steps so far,however when I try to preview my footage in AvsPmod, it says "Script error:there is no function named "MPEG2 Source" (New file, line 1)" i have no idea what this means, I have followed your steps so far. Any advise? thanks

AMVGuide said...

Hmmm... well for one thing "MPEG2 Source" should not have a space in it. The two words should be together like "MPEG2Source()" in your script. Try changing that and refresh your script by hitting [f5] on your keyboard. If that doesn't work, perhaps something went wrong with the avisynth or plugins-pack installation.

It also depends on the file extension type you are opening. Since you mentioned "MPEG2 Source", I'll assume you are trying to feed avspmod a .d2v or .vob file? I forget if you also need to install DGMPGDec for those cases, but it wouldn't hurt to install that too.

Otherwise, go through a typical uninstall-reinstall routine:
-First, uninstall any instances of avisynth and it's plugins in case you have conflicting files. (something like 'ccleaner' may help)
-Then, download the AMVapp linked above, and make sure you have fully unzipped "AMVapp31.zip" first (right-click > extract).
-Then, go to the extracted files and install avisynth and plugins-pack as administrator (right-click > run as admin...)

If that doesn't work, IDK, there may be compatibility issues depending on your operating system? (The computer in the video above was running 64-bit Windows 7, and I don't know how well things work on others like Windows 8)

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

thanks for quick reply. im doing it as a uni project haha so rushing. thanks i'll have a go and get back

Anonymous said...

hi, same person again. I re-installed but am now getting a new error code when i try preview :
Evaluate: System exception - Access violation
I'm running as administrator. It can't have installed bad again??
for now I think I'll rip it straight to .avi and use it for the minute
it didn't have any interlacing in the programme before so am praying it works

any more advice? this should do anyway


AMVGuide said...

There is a possibility Full Administrative Rights is not enabled on your machine. If you can find a tutorial on YouTube for 'Enabling Full Administrative Rights,' you might get it to work.

In terms of advice: If you start a project that you know you can finish, do finish it, otherwise your project may not be able to pick up where it left off.

Hope this helps :)

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