Preparing & Cleaning
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" hack3r... fr13ndly...?"

PART 2: Preparing & Cleaning your Footage

Yes, we are literally going to type commands in order to manipulate our footage! It may be a little awkward at first, but script manipulation is perhaps the most powerful and precise way to process digital media. Alternatively, you could use plugins for VirtualDub, but you'll still need to make a script so vdub can read your footage.

     Typing text has
     never been so fun!

Note: we will be using VirtualDub in combination with AviSynth Scripts later. However, to keep things simple for beginners, we will be making our scripts using AvsPmod right away in the next section.

Also, be sure to familiarize yourself with the TIPS below. These simple hotkeys will really expand your skills when using a keyboard. Sadly, not many people know this stuff; nor realize how much easier it can make their lives. If you don't already use some of these on a regular basis... trust me: you will.

  • Scripting is nothing special, really. It's just plain text in a .txt file.
  • Copy text by highlighting it and pressing Ctrl+C
  • Paste your text with Ctrl+V or
  • Cut using Ctrl+X (moves text instead of copies)
  • Undo/Redo using Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y
  • Find specific text on a page with Ctrl+F
  • Select All text on a page using Ctrl+A
  • You can highlight large blocks of text by clicking the beginning of the text, holding Shift, then clicking the end of the text. You can also combine Shift with the Home or End keys as well as the Arrow keys on your keyboard.
  • Occasionally, you can highlight multiple things just by holding ctrl and selecting the specific things you want. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work with text...
  • The above hotkeys are universal to many programs, and often, they don't apply to just text. For example: you can use them to manipulate files on your computer; or cells in a spreadsheet; or even manipulate clips in your timeline when editing your AMV!

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