Sharing your Work
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"...try some. I made it just for you ^__^..."

Share your Work

At this point you are basically done your AMV, and you'll want to share it!
(...unless you spot something last minute you want to change)

This section is for things like:
  • Hosting
  • AMV Promo
  • Anime Conventions (Cons)

AMV Contests

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You are done :O

Please use the information you have learned wisely.

"With Great Power comes Great Responsibility."

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  • Getting your AMV "out there" can be a challenge
  • If someone ever leaves a negative comment on your AMV, try not to get overly defensive; it doesn't accomplish anything. Rather, use it as an opportunity to find out what you could do to improve for future videos.
  • Seeing a Live Audience watch your AMV will give you goosebumps. You should try it ^___^

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