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Disclaimer: The above "Quick Steps" are for those that just want the basics to getting started.
If you want more in-depth information, please read the rest of the guide too.

Quick Steps for Making an AMV "Technically" Correct

A. Download AMVapp (0)
a. UnZip contents (1)(2)(3)
b. Install the following (4):
- avisynth
- avspluginspack
- avspmod
- virtualdub
- utvideo codec (5)
c. Download & Install CCCP

B. Open your footage with AvsPmod (6)
a. If directshowsource() is present, it is preferred to replace with ffvideosource()
b. Make any desired changes (7)
c. Save your script and close AvsPmod (8)

C. Open your script with VirtualDub (9)
a. Video > Compression > Ut Video Codec YUV420 > ok
b. Video > Fast recompress ; Audio > No audio
c. Mark off the Start and End points of the segment you want (10)
d. File > Save as avi... (11)(12)
e. If you want to save multiple clips in a row without waiting for each clip to render:
- File > Queue as Batch Operation > Save as Avi... (or Ctrl+Shift+F7)
- Then once you are ready: File > Job Control > Start
f. Wait for all clips to render, then close vdub

D. Edit your AMV using your Lossless .avi file(s) (13)(14)(15)(16)

See Notes [+]

  • Always refer back to the Flow Chart or Menu if you get lost
  • You can also check out my Video Tutorials on YouTube
  • And be sure to check out the Blog from time to time



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