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"It's all a piece of cake by the time you are done this guide."

Notes [+]

"We're gonna do all that...!?"

Hey now, you've read this far already, so don't let a little flow chart scare you away. Yes, it looks intimidating at first... but realize that you won't be doing all of the steps in the flow chart anyway-- just the ones that apply to the specific type of audio/video you are working with :)

It's not even that bad when you get used to it. I mean, a lot of great AMV editors follow this sort of methodology as second nature, without even thinking about it; where the steps go by so fast that sometimes the method is taken for granted... leaving newbies scratching their heads.

But this flow chart shows everything. And it contains all the main steps involved in the whole process, so don't be scared; it'll actually make your life easier, especially if you combine it with the Quick Steps in the next section.

But if that's still too much work for you, you can always try your luck in the RESOURCES section.

Otherwise, continue on... :P

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