Other Considerations
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"...hmmm...I didn't think of that."

Other Considerations

Here are some things you should probably consider before starting your project.  I'll try to expand on each of these later.  But for now you can check out the RELATED LINKS section.  I strongly encourage you to do so.
  1. AMV Concept
  2. Anime Choice
  3. Music Choice
  4. Fit (how well do the two go together)
  5. AMV Genre
  6. Motivation
  7. Your Audience
  8. Collaboration
  9. File Organization

Other *Other* Considerations

AMV Concept Map (circa 2009)
(I suggest downloading and viewing it with an image viewer like FastStone)

[+] Know what you are trying to accomplish
[+] Flow
[+] Patterns
[+] Predictability/Unpredictability
[+] Technical Understanding
[+] Study
[+] Honesty
[+] Workflow
[+] ...on that note: Work Smart, not Hard

AMV Hierarchy of Limitations

"Narrow down your choices to those that limit you most, so you don't waste unnecessary effort on footage that won't ever make it into your final AMV."

(I find this approach can make your life soooooo much easier when deciding how to start a new AMV.)

  • Often, Preparation is key to a good video
  • Studying good AMVs can help improve your own videos
  • Experimentation can lead to great things

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