Common Mistakes
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Common Mistakes

Please DO NOT do this...

1. So, I can just drag and drop my original footage into my editor right? [+]

2. So, I can just drag and drop my original audio into my editor right? [+]

3. My footage has a resolution of 720x480. It's supposed to look like that. [+]

4. My footage has a framerate of 29.97fps. It's supposed be like that. [+]

5. When I'm done my AMV, I just export/compress with my editing program. [+]

6. I want to have clean footage, so I'm going to add all these filters to anti-alias, remove grain, smooth, and derainbow etc. That way I am guaranteed to get the best quality, right? [+]

7. I'll just use my program's default settings. It knows what's best for me right? [+]

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