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"...What do I need?"


  1. A computer running Windows XP or later (Mac users go here)
  2. Lot's of Free Disc Space (20GB to 1TB+)
  3. Video-Editing Program - Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, and Magix Movie Edit are pretty common;
    See: Poll | Wiki | (Windows Movie Maker has limited settings, so it is not recommended)
  4. Anime & Music Sources --you know-- the pretty pictures and sounds :D
  5. Download, Unzip, and Install The Latest AMVapp (20MB) | About (Google how to Unzip files)
  6. Download and Install The CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack)
  7. Watch Some Good AMV's

What type of files are these?

VIDEO TUTORIAL 2/10: "File Extensions" ~ [1:23]

What software do I need?

VIDEO TUTORIAL 3/10: "Programs & Tools" ~ [5:08]

The Final "Requirement"

To repeat #7: The best thing you can do to make good AMVs, is to check out some Top-Rated Examples.

I acknowledge that everyone's concept of 'Good' is a bit different, and your work doesn't need to be just like these videos --This isn't about duplicating the work of others-- --and neither is it about feeling shame to avoid copying others either-- This is simply about being aware of what can be accomplished by learning from the past. It's about becoming open-minded. To see things from the perspective of other people; editors and audience alike. And of course... it's about enjoyment too ^__^

As such, things like Requirements, Education, and Learning should never be viewed as obstacles that are in your way. Rather, they should be viewed as things you actively want to experience. If you just keep that in mind, I believe you'll come across a whole world of things that just may surprise you.

  • Try downloading the Trial Versions of various Video-Editors to see what program feels best for you.
  • External Hards Drives are great for extra disc space
  • Showing File Extensions is a good way to distinguish between file types. Example: "" is a .zip file

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