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"Objectives! ~Desu"

Objectives of AMVGuide

Objective 1: Gain Absolute Control of our source footage
If we truly want to edit our footage the way we want, it helps if we know how to control things like Framerate, Interlacing, Resolution, and anything that will impact image/encode Quality etc...

Some steps may seem like a pain at first, but once you know how to do them, you won't be constrained by the limitations of your editing program. Then you can bend your footage to your will, and manipulate it however you need.

Objective 2: Make Audio AND Video Editing-Friendly
Editing-Friendly Formats.
Be aware that certain file formats/containers are better for making AMV's than others. In our case we will use: UtVideo within .avi (for video), and Uncompressed within .wav (for audio). Once converted to these formats, you generally get:

- Faster Seek-Times for improved editing speed. This allows you to easily scrub the timeline and rearrange clips.
- Truly Frame-Accurate footage allows for precise cuts and accurate rendering; very important for Timing/Synchronization. 
- Improved Stability prevents glitches and program crashes... and you obviously don't want that...

Objective 3: Create the AMV that you want
It's your AMV.
Because in the end, ♫ it doesn't even matter ♫ any advice you get is simply intended to help you create the AMV you want. Never let it turn your AMV into something you don't want.

Remember, you are the creator of your AMV, regardless of who you are making it for, or what you are trying to achieve. Make what you want. And if you are happy with your work, that's usually all that matters. That being said, I would still take the technical advice in this guide more seriously for the reasons mentioned above.

  • Some formats are better for Editing than others
  • Some formats are better for Online Distribution than others
  • Converting Audio is just as important as converting Video

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