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How do I use this Guide?


and welcome to the "Guide" section of the site.

Before we begin, there are a few orders of business that need to be discussed. First, please be aware that this guide is a perpetual WIP (Work in Progress), which means sections are constantly being updated. As such, if you cannot find what you are looking for, please use the search box at the top of the site; otherwise, you can always try poking around the forums on AnimeMusicVideos.Org

About the Navigation Menu (on the right )
  • Un-Visited Sections will appear Light-Blue
  • The Section You Are Currently On will be Highlighted-Black/Yellow
  • Visited Sections will appear Greyed-Out

For your convenience, there are also « BACK / NEXT » Links on the top & bottom of every page so you can always check which section you came from and what section is coming next. At the bottom of each section, there will also be an area for TIPS and RELATED LINKS. You can usually find useful information there before moving on to the next section.

  • Using the Hotkey combination Ctrl+F on your keyboard is a very powerful way to Find information on a page.
  • To make Visited Links re-appear as Un-Visited Links, simply clear your browser history; or use something like CCleaner.
  • The RELATED LINKS box is for Optional/Advanced info.

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